August 16, 2013

5 Things Friday: 5 Ways to Make Moving Out Less Painful

I realised that I missed posting last week's "5 Things Friday" edition, which is rather shameful of me and I apologise. I returned to Hong Kong last Friday, and didn't have a very restful sleep on the flight so I was very much a woolly-headed creature. 

Anyway, this week we're covering "5 Ways to Make Moving Out Less Painful"! Since my return to HK, I've been packing to move out of my current apartment, and back to my university hall. Moving out can be a very stressful period, especially when you begin to take out everything that you have and wonder how you managed to accumulate SO MANY things in x period, and have a mini brain freeze at the idea of organising things and getting rid of stuff you don't need.

5 Ways to Make Moving Out Less Painful, Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim

5. Make a list. 
I've to say I have it relatively easy - I'm not house-hunting or taking any furniture with me. However, if you are, you'll be needing a notebook - a sort of "Moving Central". Grab a business planner with rings, so that you can easily slot in envelopes and business card holders. You'll find the card holders handy during house-hunting days when you meet countless property agents, and later on when you actually begin moving, you'll be collecting the numbers of movers and handymen. 

When you pack, use your notebook to list down what's in your boxes. Be as specific as possible; instead of writing "Clothes 1", "Clothes 2", write "John's winter wear", etc.

4. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes...!
5 Ways to Make Moving Out Less Painful, Yi Wei Lim, creative, boxes, joke

You'll need lots of boxes. And packing tape of course (a roll of thick-width Scotch tape should suffice). Grab some for free from your grocer's or the local supermarket. However, some moving companies are particular with the type of boxes used, and occasionally insist that you use theirs (I suppose for uniformity and weight purposes?), so it's best to check. Another fantastic source for boxes is your local IKEA store. At the exit after the cashier, there usually is a station for packaging your purchases. Feel free to grab some of the boxes... after all, "waste not, want not"!

3. Make labels and colour coordinate.
Something really useful that I learnt from my media/events management internships was how to label boxes that were bound for shipping/courier. You'll want to print your name, the outbound address, your phone number, and the general contents of your boxes. Even better, colour coordinate your labels, if you can't have multi-coloured boxes! Use a colour for each room and list them down, so that your movers will know where to place them.

2. Let people know you've moved. 
Ideally, you should do this 2 weeks before moving. Let your family and friends know, and ensure that all your paperwork and financials are aware of your change in address.

Besides that, get into things that you will leave for future inhabitants of your house such as keys, warranties, and how-to manuals.

1. Have a "Survival Box".
5 Ways to Make Moving Out Less Painful
Yes, that's the box you'll need! - from the classic game Doom.
The "Survival Box" should contain essentials for the first 1-2 nights. Moving is a tiring process, and you'll probably take a few days or even weeks to unpack and sort out everything. The "Survival Box" will reduce the stress of having to unpack things to... find your toothbrush etc. Make sure this box is well-labeled and packed in last of all your boxes so that it's the first to come out.

And that's all I have for you guys - hope they come useful one day! 

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