August 2, 2013

5 Things Friday: Papercut Artists

Happy Friday to all of you! 

"5 Things Friday" is a themed list to be published every Friday. This week, I'd like to introduce to you 5 papercut artists!

5. Jonathan Chapman of Mr Yen

A papercut artist with over 4 years of experience (work pictured above), Jonathan under the name of Mr.Yen creates designs by hand and scalpel that are bespoke. His portfolio includes Oprah Magazine, House and Garden Magazine, and a Christmas window display for Edinburgh indie boutique Hannah Zakari (which has some cute jewelry - I'll check it out and write soon!). Jonathan derives inspiration from nature. You can also find him writing in his wonderfully minimalist-themed blog here.

Freshly featured on My Modern Met, the London-based artist combines papercutting with strong narrative lines and digitally-added colour blocks to create a unique style. One might mistake his work for screen prints on paper - they are that good!

Like Mr. Yen, Ueda's work is also inspired by nature. Bright splashes of colour from acrylic paint give movement and organic energy to the highly-detailed works.

Merging her favourite things: typography, paper, and highly-detailed craft objects, Yulia has a wide portfolio of clients including Neiman Marcus, Godiva, Hermes, and Anthropologie. She is a master at quilling or paper filigree - a technique in which paper strips are rolled around a quill, and then shaped and glued together to form decorative designs. Her quilling works have an amazing 3D depth.

A man of "mixed business" (fine artist, illustrator, event creative director, and paper artist) and a genial chap all throughout, James' works are delightful and reflective of his personality: avant garde, eclectic, meticulous, and imbued with a dash of tongue-in-cheek. I had the privilege of meeting him at his Hong Kong showcase titled "Love 2 Death" at the Cat Street Gallery (he probably does not remember any more, as he must have met many people that night - his work was very well-received!).       

Mr Yen: here, here, here, here, here.
Callum Russell: here, here, here.
Kako Ueda: here.
Yulia Brodskaya: here.
James Gordon: here, here, here, here.


  1. These are fantastic, and you're amazing :D
    Keep it up my dear!

  2. Thank you my dear, couldn't have done it without you! :)