August 2, 2013

6 Steps to Creating a Hipster Logo

A few days ago, I came across this delightful infographic titled 'The Hipster Logo Design Guide'. This brightly-coloured chart by Texan-born, San Francisco-based designer Tim Delger not-so-subtly pokes fun at the paradox of the hipster subculture in terms of wanting to be non-conformist but ironically turning out alike. Digressing, Tim's work is varied, encompassing print making, painting, sculpture, furniture making, and commercial art, so do check him out.

Since 'The Hipster Logo Design Guide' consists of 6 easy steps, I decided to try my hand at it! Here are the instructions... let's go!

After a quick bit of work (I skipped Step 3 because of time limits), here goes my fictional hipster logo:

Getting into the hipster mode, I also gathered a couple of "hipster symbols" to make this 'Hipster Essentials' poster:

So are you ready to design your own hipster logo? Do share with me your designs, if any, or let me know what you think of Tim's infographic!

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