August 22, 2013

Art Projects This Week

I finished moving out on Monday night... yay! Anyway, these are some mini-art projects that I've been working on this week:

1. A paint chip / Pantone swatch wall art piece inspired by DIY blog 'A Beautiful Mess' for my lovely friend Soo
paint chip wall art, wall art, a beautiful mess, yi wei lim, art projects this week

I didn't use paint swatches (paint swatches are these little colour-coded cards you get when you're choosing wall paint usually). Instead, I used these little coloured paper squares that have been sitting in my craft drawer back home in Malaysia since forever. It's so easy and pretty, and I think I might try different colour schemes for my other wonderful girl friends.

2. Messing around with my calligraphy pen
Gothic, calligraphy, Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, Art Projects This Week

I started practising Gothic lettering a few weeks ago actually. Did some revision while having wine with my former housemates. Such a great Friday evening. 

I'm also trying to master typography and different font styles. It's pretty fascinating to attempt to convey artistically the spirit of the words. I think the font below is sweet:
you're incredible, sweet typography, typograhy, calligraphy, font, Yi Wei Lim, Art Projects This Week

Capped off my practice with a quick Lady Gaga sketch with her Alexander McQueen "Jellyfish" shoes seen in "Bad Romance". I just watched the video of her latest single, "Applause". It's not as catchy / does not have a melodic hook compared to her previous songs, such as "Bad Romance"'s "ra-ra-ah-ah-ah", or packs much power (I listened to "Telephone" yesterday after a long time, and loved the sheer power in that song) but it still retains that unique Gaga artistry. 

Yi Wei Lim, Lady Gaga, calligraphy pen sketch, The Fame Monster, Monster, Art Projects This Week

What do you think I should do next? :) Off to practise more!

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