August 7, 2013

Collaboration with IndieVerse: Saltillo Music Review

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Last week, I was so very kindly invited to collaborate with indie music blog IndieVerse. Thank you IndieVerse for the opportunity!

You can read it here: Saltillo - The Darker Side of Trip Hop

Run by my friend Mark Siew, IndieVerse is a great blog to check out if you're tired of mainstream music, or as the blog states, "When mainstream music disappoints". Mark's hard work and solid networking skills have helped establish IndieVerse as a bridge between music lovers yearning for more and talented albeit little-known artistes. Besides music reviews, there are band interviews and expert articles. The layout of IndieVerse is simple, stripped down to what's really essential: good music. 

Do check out the article and Saltillo himself (he is immensely talented), and please feel free to drop Mark a note if you have any ideas / good music to share! 

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