September 22, 2013

DIY Ankle Straps for Ballet Flats

We interrupt the Harlequinade painting series with a bit of DIY fashion! Fresh off the recent Fashion Week runways, ankle straps, be they simple ribbons or embellished with studs or spikes, are one of the latest trends for shoes. Actually, I'd say that ankle straps are a recurring trend - I think I had a pair or two around 5 years ago, and I'm definitely seeing similar designs make the rounds this season.

Disclaimer: I absolutely adore shoes, and not just because I'm female. There is something very appealing about the silhouette of a high-heeled shoe, the vertiginous heel, the feel of the material... Eep.

Anyway, before I start waxing poetic about shoes, here are some designs which I really like:

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  1. Jenni Kayne evokes a very sleek and futuristic style with white and gold and the multiple lines. Somewhat brings to mind a tamer Lady Gaga, if Mother Monster wore flats.
  2. This Loeffler Randall Erika ankle strap flat is simple and classic.
  3. Zara two-toned pointed ankle strap shoe: Love the use of colour-blocking and its sleek silhouette.
  4. Love this simple pair worn at Milan Fashion Week by Alberta Ferretti (via Zanita Zanita)

I couldn't find any ballet flats with ribboned straps that I actually liked. The other alternative was to buy real ballet shoes, but I don't need an extra pair of shoes and I wanted more padding so I opted for DIY. This DIY was ridiculously easy, and I'm pretty happy with the results!

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  1. Separate and cut your ribbon into 4 long strips. 
  2. Now put on your shoe and place the ribbon on inside of your shoe - best is near your foot arch. Use glue to secure. You want to make sure that the shiny part of the ribbon faces outwards.
  3. Measure the length between the ribbon strip that you just glued and the point where your heel is. Use that length to place a second strip of ribbon on the opposite side of the first.
  4. Do the same for your other shoe, and let them dry! 

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Yay, made with my current favourite app Rhonna Designs. Unfortunately it's still only available on iOS.

This is how mine turned out. Since it was an impromptu project, my glue had congealed a little. I'll probably touch it up with fresh glue soon!

here, here, here.

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