September 13, 2013

Marilyn Manson "Guns, God and Government Tour" Sketch

I've been meaning to do this sketch for a bit. I thought that black and red would set each other off perfectly in this piece. You can also check out my speed-drawing video of this piece on Instagram!

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I've always enjoyed Marilyn Manson's music since I first heard "Tainted Love". (I still really want to see an awesome dance choreographed to this song!)

Overlooking Manson's shock stunts and disruptive behaviour that have led to charges of various misdemeanours, and his alcohol and drug abuse, Marilyn Manson's sound is unique in the rock/metal sphere, and the man himself is a consummate artist. I mean, how often do you see him go without makeup or out of character? I quite enjoyed this MTV article claiming that Manson is the only true artist today, albeit written in 2006. (Flash forward to 2013, and MM has put on some pounds and his shows have mixed reviews. Oh well, we can't perpetually be stellar performers.)

Manson is also an interesting painter. His paintings almost look as though they were by-products of therapy in a psychiatric ward. At the same time, the watercolours are ephemeral like a sheer veil, and the touch he employs make the paintings seem rather inward-looking. I get the feeling that he's examining and painting the not-so-pretty parts of ourselves. Absolutely adore this painting of one of my favourite writers, Edgar Allan Poe:

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, marilyn manson, edgar allan poe, marilyn manson painting, edgar allan poe painting, mm, art
The moment I became Edgar I suddenly realized I was in Hell | 20" X 32" | Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic |

For more of Manson's paintings, click here

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