September 30, 2013

My IndieVerse Band Review on Snowmine is Out!... And More Music to Follow

I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but I've been invited to be a Facebook admin and I suppose a freelance writer for indie music blog IndieVerse. My first article was on trip hop artist Saltillo (read it here). 

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This week, I'm covering Brooklyn-based ambient psychedelic pop band Snowmine. One of my absolute favourite songs is by them, titled "Let Me In". There's more to Snowmine than the average band I think, so check out my review on IndieVerse at the link below, and give IndieVerse some love on our Facebook page. Again, Mark, the man behind IndieVerse, always appreciates music suggestions, so drop by the Facebook page or comment on IndieVerse' site itself if you have any.

IndieVerse Band Review: Snowmine

Also on the musical front, I managed to cover Michael Nyman's beautiful song, "The Heart Asks Pleasure First", from the film "The Piano". I learnt it by ear many years ago - somehow I always thought it was from the soundtrack of one of my well-loved movies "The Pianist" but couldn't track the song, until I was stumbling around YouTube. (Yeah, Piano vs. Pianist - same same but different, as the popular T-shirt slogan goes...)

I think I'm going to try out song requests, just for fun and to widen my repertoire. If you have any songs you'd like to hear on the black and white keys, drop me a message/comment on YouTube or through this blog.

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