September 2, 2013

Weekend Recap: Moving House and 3 DIY Projects

Hi everyone! I've moved into my new place on campus, and I love it! Couldn't have done the moving without my friends... I had to do a lot of heavy lifting this weekend so I suppose that covers my gym work.

The apartment houses 6 rooms, a bathroom with 2 toilets and 2 shower stalls, a pantry, and a massive living room. Besides that, we have a massive balcony - tanning to commence!!!

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, diy, HKUST, Hall IX, UG Hall IX, HKUST UG Hall IX, living area, dark wood, dining
Upon entry... *excited*

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, diy, pantry, HKUST, HKUST UG Hall IX, UG Hall IX
Gonna Masterchef during these 4 months!

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, HKUST, HKUST UG Hall IX, HKUST Hall IX, UG Hall IX
Room before the first load of unpacking.

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, HKUST, HKUST UG Hall IX, HKUST Hall IX, UG Hall IX, seaview, running track
View from our balcony. I get a sea-view room too!

The dolls greeting after packing and organising has been completed.

And here are some of the little DIY projects I've done to prettify my room:

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, DIY, chevron, chevron painting, IKEA, IKEA hack, IKEA hack box, repurposed box
1. A repurposed IKEA packing box to hold my food. I might get a wire shelf eventually though... Anyway, I sliced my IKEA box into half with my kitchen knife, and painted a bright chevron pattern on it! :)

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, interior decor, love, love light art, light art, fairy lights, typogaphy, bedroom decor, polaroid
2. Wall art with my fairy lights spelling "love", and strings of photos of my loved ones. All my Pinterest inspirations are out to play!

Family first, and all the other people I love. Printed the photos out with my black-and-white only printer, and cut them with a slim border to make them look like Polaroids. *starts rapping the very lame opening of Pitbull's "Tonight (Give Me Everything)"

Restlessness after dinner begets this:

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, studs, gold studs, diy, diy gold studs, diva malaysia, diva malaysia studs
So many possibilities really!... 

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, diy, studded collar, denim shirt, denim shirt with studded collar, diy studded collar

And that's it for today. I'm still rather exhausted from the moving, so I bid you all a very good night. Have a good week folks!


  1. Loving the room decor and DIY studded collar. Keep it up Yi Wei !

    1. Thanks Joanna! I suppose I just went on this mad spree of DIY-ing :p

  2. First of all, congratulations on your move. The place is actually fantastic! Pretty sure you'll be able to beautify everything inside with your knack for artistry and creativity. Also, we hope to see more of your DIY projects, especially with regards to interior design and furniture transformation. Will you be doing any of those sooner? :)

    1. Hi Alexandra, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately because it's a university apartment we don't get to extensively decorate the common/shared area e.g. the living room or the kitchen. But I do have a couple of DIYs in mind... maybe I can do small ones around the apartment!