October 11, 2013

5 Interesting Instagrammers You Should Follow

We're back on 5 Things Friday, with this week focusing on interesting Instagrammers! I love Instagram. It has to be one of my favourite apps, especially for obtaining visual inspiration. My current favourite type of Instagram photos is of food arranged in a neat manner... the Japanese and Scandinavians do it best I think!

This list spans all genres, so let's go!

yi wei lim, yiweilim, yiweilim blog, santlov, instagram, santlov instagram, toy story, woody, toy story woody, woody cowboy
Santlov brings toys to life in great detail. What makes his photos so fun are his compositions and cultural references. The toys are arranged in natural settings - think Woody from Toy Story snapping food pics or a Stormtrooper cooking breakfast. The most recurring character is Woody, but I suppose that's because his expression is applicable to so many scenarios.

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, spoonforkbacon, yiweilim blog, instagram, fried chicken, chicken sandwich, foodporn
Run by food bloggers Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park, this Instagram account features beautiful food styling and photography... hunger pangs guaranteed when scrolling through their gallery. Their blog, also of the same name, looks amazing too - I'm going to check out some of their recipes now!

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, yiweilim blog, rex redstone, oldest instagrammer, instagram, rex redstone, rex redstone instagram
He is 85 years old, and claims the title of "Oldest Instagrammer". Whether that's accurate or not, Mr. Redstone's gallery is a charming window into days gone by. Follow this tech savvy octogenarian - he even has his first selfie! *awww*

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, yiweilim blog, khiesti, khiest instagram, instagram, and draw something, little monster
Kerstin, or Khiesti as she's known on Instagram, combines daily objects with her signature "little monster" to create adorable little stories. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Yi Wei Lim, yiweilim, yiweilim blog, vutheara kham, vutheara, vutana, pointofvuth, vutheara photographer, umbrella, silhouette in rain, silhouette
French Cambodian photographer VuTheara Kham has a sharp eye for colour, perspective, and capturing that perfect tipping moment. He's also very good in capturing reflection, and his work is consistently amazing. Like most photographers, he travels a lot, and it's amazing to see the world through his lens.

And that's it! Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

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