November 5, 2013

A Short Update, and about Design

Hi! It's been awhile... I've been working back-to-back on an important paper and a project that I'm about to share with you all! The paper was for my art elective, titled "Appreciation of Western Art" taught by Professor Anna Kwong. For those of you who adore art and want to learn more, I encourage you to take her class... She is not the most animated lecturer, but she does know her subject well. Definitely planning to talk her up on art career advice (my slightly-distant/medium-term goal is to become an art dealer, gallerist, or curator!).

And this is a draft poster for my science elective on human cloning. It's pretty amateurish but the best I could come up with in a short period of time. I wonder how much time on average do professional designers take to complete an infographic?

Back to the grindstone now! Have a good week, everyone. I appreciate you all stopping by to read me.


  1. Hi Yiwei!

    I like your infographic, it has a very clean design. My only suggestion is that generally 'less is more' -- most infographics are extremely concise and prefer using pictures and headings instead of words to actually get their point across.

    I guess the project was quite technical so maybe an infographic wasn't the most suitable medium for giving out information in this case..

    Anyway, just an opinion! :)

    1. Ello Masud! Thanks for dropping by :). Yes I agree with your suggestion... but yes again, it's on the technical side. I'll probably reduce words for the final design. It's going to be an A0 poster so on the bright side, I guess everything will look much much bigger? :p