February 13, 2014

How to be Alone

It's almost been a month since I posted - so much for my resolution to post regularly. Thanks for sticking with me.

What's kept me away: I've completed my first month of work and moved out. I'm now a conference producer at a publishing firm. Happily, my firm's brands are finance-related; the brands that I currently handle deal with financial technology. Colleagues are nice, and my boss is great with guidance AND always has chocolate (he sits next to me)... thus, so far so good.

Second: I've moved into a little studio on my own. As surprising as it may seem (considering that I do write this blog), I am very private, hence the decision to live solo. I love my neighbourhood: it's very "local Hong Kong", with mom-and-pop shops, a Chinese opera theatre, and lots of cheap food. There's also a large Hokkien community, which keeps Penang, my paternal grandparents and my Peranakan roots close to my heart, although I can barely speak the dialect.

What I like best about being alone is the opportunity to unplug and really think. It's so easy in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong to follow the flow - which isn't always a bad thing. It's also natural to feel intimidated by being alone - no man is an island, everyone needs some form of interaction. However, being alone allows me time to reflect, to focus on things that I love/enjoy doing, and to explore and absorb new experiences and sensations.

This reminds me of this great video from several years ago:

On another note, I've been absorbing a lot of media and procrastinating on a painting idea I have - I'll be back on the ball soon.

Till then:
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