March 4, 2014

Weekend at Harbour Artisanal Food Market

Last fortnight, I went to the Harbour Artisanal Food Market at Fire Dragon Path in Causeway Bay. As implied by its name, the Market gathers some very unique F&B vendors across Hong Kong! 

What a baller name for a road.

First off, appetizers from Sugo Sushi! From left: 
  • SPY-DA: spicy soft-shell crab (I think this was our favourite)
  • Yakiniku: Japanese BBQ beef with burdock root
  • Ebi Ebi Prawn: tempura prawn with wasabi mayo
  • No Way Jose: spicy beef with Mexican sauce and cheese.

Sugo Sushi
Ground Floor, Hop Hing Building, 30 Gilman's Bazaar Central District, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2259 5151 | Mon-Fri 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. | Sat 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.

The Dutch: Although I'm not much of a cheese person, I quite enjoyed the green pesto cheese. Every Saturday is Dutch Pancake Day at their Sai Kung store on Hoi Pong Street, so check them out this weekend if you've got time!

The Dutch | Cheese and More
232 Queen’s Road Central
T. +852-3543 0081 
Open Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Lovely desserts from Kussen 85. They have several locations, so check out their site here.

Iberico ham cuts from Fresh Gourmet - my occasional luxury. Perfect for pairing with cheese and wine. 

Fresh Gourmet
G/F,28 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang, Causeway Bay
T: (852) 2808 0840
Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

Our flat from Mana! wasn't very photogenic hence the lack of photos. MANA! Fast Slow Food is a vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, organic, eco-friendly brand. It's great for anyone who wants to eat healthier and greener and appreciate the entire crop-to-table production cycle.

We opted for the combo, comprised of a flat with 4 fillings, lemonade, and a raw chocolate truffle. We chose hummus, pickled peppers, roasted veggies, and spinach for our flat's fillings. It was very flavourful - I always appreciate that in vegetarian/vegan food (having tasted rather bland veg food before). The lemonade had a good sour kick to it and spiciness from sprinklings of cayenne pepper. Need to learn how to duplicate it for hot summer days. The truffle wasn't too sweet - there was a hint of darker flavour - providing a good balance of taste to the whole MANA! combo. 

MANA! Fast Slow Food
92 Wellington St. Central
T. 2851.1611 |
10a.m. - 10p.m. everyday

An old-school American soda, Moxie once ran an ad campaign with Mad Magazine, which spawned the catchphrase, "Mad with Moxie!" Saffron Bakery's stall owner claimed that it tastes like Dr. Pepper on crack. Having tasted neither, I cannot verify the truth of his comment (I kid, I kid).

On the healthier side of drinks, we sampled Genie's cold-pressed juices. Cold-pressing claims to directly extract the nectar from fruit or vegetable pulp through applying high pressure, keeping a higher amount of nutrients intact compared to blending. I had the Smooth Operator (banana, avocado, spinach, chia, and vanilla). Refreshing, but I wish the vanilla flavour stood out more (it's just me - I love vanilla). 

Genie designs and delivers juice cleanse and detox programme packages - personally, a bit exotic to nuts-and-bolts me but whatever floats your boat. The key issue is to ensure that you're well-researched when trying a new health practice, especially if advised to drastically cut/increase certain foods / physical activities. 

Papabubble's candies weren't much to shout about - this type of customisable candy has been around for awhile. Furthermore, the flavours were mediocre. Maybe we were unlucky and got the less tasty ones, but colour me unimpressed.

We were also disappointed with missing out on The Butcher's Club's beef sandwiches which ran out around 3 p.m.! There was talk about shipping in more beef, but said beef did not materialise. Lesson learnt: get in there when you see food that you're interested in.

We capped off the afternoon by getting some good, solid roasted chicken from La Rotisserie.

If you're a vendor interested in participating in the Harbour Artisanal Food Market, subscribe to their newsletter to be informed of the next opening for applications. Meanwhile, fresh in my inbox: "Made in HK: Local Artisans Pop Up Event" by Green Queen. I'vet yet to fully explore the Green Queen site, other than briefly reading that it is dedicated to health and wellness, but there'd better be meat there. 

Till the next post, *the Spock*.


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