August 28, 2014

Current Obsession: d'Orsay Flats with Ankle Straps

I know they're not the newest things on the planet, but the pointy toe of d'Orsays + ankle straps = my small sliver of shoe heaven. I managed to snag this pair from Forever 21 (see below). However, it was rather painful to wear - the back kept rubbing against the back of my ankles and the continuous friction resulted in some not-so-ladylike cuts :'(. I suppose I'll just have to pre-emptively plaster myself...

Forever 21 Posh Ankle-Strap Pumps... ALL MINE >:)
The d'Orsay obsession continues though... If you're a fast walker like me, you don't have to miss out on wearing them, as d'Orsay flats are equally elegant as their high-heeled counterparts. Check these beauties out:
I love the wrapped straps and the understated lucite heels. It's tough finding shoes with lucite heels that don't look like strippers' shoes.
Abbee Almond Toe D'Orsay Ankle Strap Flat
(DNA Footwear)
So clean and beachy!

Forever 21 Luxe d'Orsay Flats

San Juan d'Orsay flats
(Moorea Seal)
The bright fabric (above) comes from the Guatemalan village of San Juan, and the weaving is identical to that worn by the indigenous men and women. Besides that, each flat has its own unique pattern. I can see these flats being paired with denim cut-offs and a beachy top or a cute summer dress to create the perfect summer vibe.

Kuzzle Mint Green Two Part Strap Flat Shoes (ASOS)
Aqua d'Orsays?

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