March 10, 2015

I'm Not Dead... Yet!

Hello travellers!

It's been awhile. I hope you are all well and constantly moving on to better, brighter things.

Things have been hectic since my last entry, written right after producing a full week of events. (Mashable apparently considers event production 1 out of 5 VERY STRESSFUL jobs - link here...) 

After the conference came my graduation ceremony on 7 November! Definitely felt bittersweet donning the cap and gown... my HKUST experience has been eye-opening, transformative, and at times very difficult, but made better by the knowledge and friendships gained. It was also lovely to have my parents in Hong Kong although the weather was rather grey ("Gotham City," my mom says).

Here I am with my beautiful mother.

After that, wham bam to the next bespoke event, before capping off by chairing the office Christmas party committee, followed by 3 weeks of bliss in Malaysia to wrap up 2014.


As you might know, I love interior design. We shape our living spaces according to our personality, and our spaces in turn make or reinforce our habits. I've begun to really notice this since living in my current place, which is a 110 sq. ft. studio (tiny!), and I'm not really happy with my lifestyle. The lack of a proper workspace makes it difficult to get messy with paints and craft - I realised that I haven't painted since moving in! 

Our homes should be places where we can do things that bring us pleasure, like hosting dinners for family and friends (sorry, guys, no space right now), and be surrounded by the things we love. So here's me setting in writing that I shall make space to be more creative, and I hope that you can find your own little space to be creative too! Here's to a more creative, inspiring 2015!

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