February 12, 2016

The Next Episode

Hi everyone! I'm delighted to welcome you to the newly refurnished blog :). The new template is reflective of my love affair with pastels and Scandinavian design.

Between the last post and today (I really ought to be more consistent in writing), I have:
  • left my job after 2 years as a conference producer at Incisive Media;
  • moved out of Hong Kong, back to Malaysia to settle in Kuala Lumpur;
and am starting 2 new interesting gigs!

As some of you might know, I've been writing for ZALORA HK Community, which runs parallel to the official ZALORA Magazine. I was invited after collaborating with them on some articles on this blog. It's an honour given ZALORA's status as a top online fashion destination in Asia. It's also mildly amusing, as I'm very much a lazy girl when it comes to fashion and beauty, e.g. I wear minimal makeup and pick my daily outfit based on whether it needs ironing or not. 

Incidentally, if you're in Ipoh and need a suit, do visit Carr-Re Men's Shop in Bercham (directions here). Excellent price and speed; also tailors for ladies. Big plus: close to zero ironing needed.

Anyway, after writing for the HK Community, the ZALORA marketing team has kindly migrated me to the Malaysian Community. Quite looking forward to covering local trends and events, so Malaysian readers, if you know anything interesting or want to hear more about a topic, do drop me a line here or via Instagram!

The second gig, which will be my actual day job, will take some time to reveal, but long story short, I'm actually going to be seriously exploring how I can contribute to my country. I'm nervous, terrified but mostly excited... stay tuned! 

Besides that, wish me luck in surviving KL drivers with skill and civility!

To all Chinese, 恭禧發財! Eat all the food, collect all the lai see, and enjoy family time!

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